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Every year, the music gods grant us with a new batch of artists to be immortalized forever more in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We’ve got our hands on the list and there are some awesome acts that stand out! Artists are eligible for the distinction after 25 years have past from the release of their first album or single.

The votes have been tallied and the numbers are in, and the results are fantastic!

 Lou Reed


Lou Reed busted onto the music scene in the 1950’s and became one of the greatest rock visionaries with his talent for songwriting. He took the punk base and added lyrics that were unheard of at the time with topics ranging from drug abuse, homosexuality and suicide among others. Reed has a vast catalog of songs that make up his career as a solo artist, but he gained the most notoriety and fame for his work with ‘The Velvet Underground’. The four albums Velvet made with Reed are considered by most to be essential to a well-rounded music education. ‘Satellite of Love‘, and Reed, were talked about quite a bit in 2009’s ‘Adventureland‘.

 Green Day


Green Day was formed in 1988 and had their first major label debut with ‘Dookie‘ in 1994, which sold over 10 million copies laying out the groundwork for the hits the band would roll out year after year. The group came together in the northern California punk scene and banged out a self-produced title that gained them local backing which led to the solid group it is today. In addition to being the popular group it is today, the ‘American Idiot‘ album was adapted to a big stage musical in New York.

 Bill Withers


Bill Withers was busy in the music world from the 60’s and lasted into the last decade. Best known for songs ‘Lean On Me‘ and ‘Ain’t No Sunshine‘. Withers launched an extremely successful career, #1 spots of R&B charts and winning Grammy’s to boot. Anyone remember a younger Morgan Freeman in the film ‘Lean On Me’? Not every singer gets a film named after one of their most popular hits.


Joan Jett and the Blackhearts


In 1975 no one could have predicted how big of a blast, Joan Jett’s explosion in the music world would make. Jett was one of the founding members of the defunct all-girl band, ‘The Runaways‘. Jett stubbornly stuck to her guns on how her career would go and what music she would play, the proof of that kind of dedication is displayed in her performances. When she is booked for a rock show, she brings a rock show. What better way to end the HOF concert than to gather with all the players and sing ‘I Love Rock and Roll‘?


Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble


Albert King, Muddy Waters and Jimi Hendrix are all influences that helped to form the style Stevie Ray Vaughan honed into his very own unique sound, and what an eclectic sound it was! The combination of blues, rock and jazz flowed like honey from his Stratocaster, there were different bodies, and a variety of necks, but at the core, they were what made the sound SRV created a legend. I was introduced to SRV in the late 80’s and my life was never the same after that. I was in a band in high school and we did covers of some of SRV songs and similar artists like The Allman Bros. My love for Stevie Ray is a cornerstone of my musical background. If you’re new to SRV, pick up ‘Texas Flood‘ or ‘The Sky is Crying‘, not a bad track on either . 

 The Paul Butterfield Blues Band



Paul Butterfield Blues Band wasn’t a giant commercial success, but their authentic Chicago blues sound was instrumental  as influence for many other artists looking for that gritty, bluesy, bar scene sound. PBB played from the mid-60’s to the 80’s.

 The “5” Royales


Receiving the Early Influence Award, the “5” Royales were a musical link that bridged early R&B and early soul while throwing in a taste of doo wop and gospel sounds. Commercially, they had seven Top Ten R&B hits in the 50’s. While their hits may not have brought them resounding success but some famous names that covered those songs made them unforgettable. James Brown and Queen Aretha Franklin clearly made ‘Think‘ their own, Ray Charles covered ‘Tell the Truth‘ while the Shirelles and the Mamas & the Paps made ‘Dedicated to the One I Love‘ their own.

Ringo Starr


Receiving the Award For Musical Excellence in the 2015 class is Ringo Starr. Starr was inducted in 1988 as part of The Beatles. His three other bandmates have already entered the HOF as solo artists, he finally receives recognition for his own musical achievements.

The induction ceremony will be held at Cleveland’s Public Hall on April 18, 2015. The festivities will be open for general public with tickets already on sale. Hopefully HBO will carry the ceremony as they have in years past and I will get a chance to see this fantastic lineup on stage.



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