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In 2007, Warner Bros had a hit on their hands when Will Smith took ‘I Am Legend‘ to silver screens across the globe. Since then, the media giant has been searching for avenues to expand the world and story into either prequel or sequel efforts. There was a serious effort at a prequel that saw Warners hiring Arash Amel to write a script that would have brought the scientist, Robert Neville’s character back right to the start of the cataclysmic circumstance that led to his being alone on the planet. The story line didn’t mesh together easily enough and the studio abandoned the project. They’re ready to give it another shot.


Once a film has been released, it develops a fan base, and ‘I Am Legend‘ was no exception. The sci-fi flick grossed $586 million worldwide. That’s a number that convinced the powers that be to, once again, pursue a reboot option. The script comes from a story that was described as John Wayne’sThe Searchers‘ with a sci-fi slant. ‘A Garden At The End Of The World‘ from Gary Graham is being backfit and modified to support the Legend world.

Graham joins the project with the original producers, Akiva Goldsman, James Lassiter and Joby Harold with Roy Lee. The Warners aren’t the first to overhaul an existing story to fit a project. The process was successful for films like ‘Die Hard With A Vengeance‘, ‘Ocean’s Twelve‘ and the latest Jack Ryan reboot.

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