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What better way to come back from a mini-vacation than to have some awesome news? Even better than that is to have some awesome news and a brand new trailer! I’m talking about ‘Serena‘. The novel by Ron Rash is one of my absolute favorites. Of course, I didn’t even read the novel until I heard they were taking the book and adapting it to a film as a vehicle for Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. I love to read and I love to watch movies. I’m always going to be the person that reads the book first, then pick apart the movie after.


So I read the novel that was set in Depression-era North Carolina. George Pemberton is in the beginnings of a timber empire that becomes entangled once he learns his new wife, Serena, cannot give him the one thing he wants over others – children. Anyhow, events move forward as Pemberton struggles to maintain the future of his timber industry and his wife Serena, proves that while she can’t give him children, she has many other traits that can make a timber industry flourish. The novel had everything that makes for a great book and if they can stay close enough to it, an even more amazing movie. If you’re like me, and you’d rather read the book before watching the film, this is definitely one of those you have to check out before. Totally worth it, and one of the best books I’d read in the last few years.


So now, you can check out the trailer. Tell me how excited you are to see this one!



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Yes, my Master.
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