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I’ve had the privilege of viewing yet another film from Fantastic-Fest, which is still in full swing in Austin, TX. This movie was a little different. That is putting it mildly, to say the least! However, no over-powering gore in this one. It’s a comedy set in a somewhat alternate world where men get the pleasure to become pregnant, carry and deliver the couple’s child! When I read the title of ‘Behind His Back (Un Bebe Dans Le Dos), It’s a French film, I had a whole different scenario going through my head of what the film would be about.




But it wasn’t quite what I thought. The logline reads about a man dropping his girlfriend when she tells him of her desire to have kids. He leaves her then suddenly and unexpectedly becomes pregnant, himself! It wasn’t the ‘Junior‘ male pregnancy as Arnie gave us years ago. As the baby grows, his baby bump grows larger from his lower back. From the front, perfectly normal looking guy, but get a side-view and you understand why they must sit on their knees facing the chairs.

It’s completely ridiculous, slightly brilliant, not a huge laugher for me. I love British comedy, but maybe French comedy is just a bit too refined for me, or it just, simply, wasn’t a funny film. Oh and in the pic right above this paragraph, before you go all “awwww” I want you to know the baby is sleeping on daddy’s back and that is a nipple…on the man’s back.

This French offering came to us via director Olivia Weemaes and starred Laurent Godard.

5 out of 10 stars 

– Jana Bowin

By Bryan Kluger

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