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Lakeshore Entertainment must be hard-up for cash, because they are already rebooting the ‘Underworld‘ franchise with more angry werewolves and vampires. The first ‘Underworld‘ movie was released back in 2003 with director Len Wiseman directing his beautiful wife Kate Beckinsale, as she jumped through the air, fighting vampire and werewolf alike.

The film spawned a few sequels and ended up grossing over $458 million at the box office. The last film in the franchise came out in 2012. So I guess only three years is enough time to consider a reboot. Cory Goodman is writing the script with Tom Rosenberg and Gary Lucchesi producing. There is no word on a director or actors yet, but wouldn’t it be funny if Wiseman came back like Michael Bay did with his recent ‘Transformers‘ reboot.

Goodman hasn’t done much, except for the recent Paul Bettany movie ‘Priest‘. And Wiseman has absolutely nothing going on, maybe because he isn’t that great of a director, but according to IMDB, he is credited as a co-writer for ‘Underworld: Next Generation‘, which is I guess the tentative title for the upcoming remake.

The only way I see this being any good is if they hire Wesley Snipes to reprise his role as Blade.

Your thoughts?

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