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James Cameron has made absolutely no attempt to hide the fact that he’s deeply inquisitive about the deepest points of the ocean. Anyone that watched ‘Titanic‘ could tell that it was more than a story about a 2-day love. It was an undying love letter to the ocean that Cameron loves so deeply.

“Although best known for directing films such as Titanic and Avatar, Cameron is an avid explorer with 72 submersible dives to his credit—51 of which were in Russian Mir submersibles to depths of up to 16,000 feet (4,877 meters), including 33 to Titanic. Distributor and marketing company Disruptive LA has gained U.S. distribution rights to the documentary ‘James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge 3D‘ lining the film up for a national theatrical release in August.”




The film follows the scientific exploration of Challenger Deep, the deepest place on Earth, with information collected over a  series of dives by a manned submersible. On one dive, Cameron himself, rode solo in the submersible, named the Deepsea Challenger, to a depth of nearly seven miles beneath the ocean’s surface. National Geographic and Rolex were partners in the dives. For this expedition, Cameron squeezed into a pilot sphere so small he could not extend his arms. He was the sole occupant in a complex, 24-foot-long (7.3-meter-long) craft made primarily of highly specialized glass foam. As he maneuvered on the ocean floor amid unexplored terrain and strange new animals, Cameron filmed footage for this documentary and collected samples for historic research.

The film will hit theaters August 8. If I were picking where to see this doc, I would pick an IMAX theater. Me and my kiddos are checking this one out, we’re all big fans of ocean exploration. My interest began with a deep love for Steven Spielberg’sJaws‘, of course I shared this with my kids, probably while they were too young. That would explain why I have beautiful childhood drawings from each of them depicting a shark eating me when they were angry with me. My son’s drawing not only showed ‘Jaws‘ eating me, but featured floating body parts and copious amounts of blood. These kids will have plenty to share with a therapist one day!

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