Nic Cage Eyeing Revenge Flick, ‘Men With No Fear’!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Feb 5th, 2014

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The man who is the best at freaking out, Nicolas Cage, is in negotiations to star in ‘Men With No Fear‘, which is a revenge flick from Paco Cabezas (‘Neon Flesh‘). Bryan Singer (‘X-Men‘ and ‘The Usual Suspects‘) is producing the flick. The movie is written by Cabezas and centers around a man named Marty ‘The Mule’ (Cage), who is just released from prison after being set up but his former boss named Frank, a local small-time crook. While Marty was locked away in a prison cell, Frank became a big and wealthy drug kingpin who would kill anyone in his way. Frank also took Marty’s young son, and raised him as his own. Now Marty is a free man and hell-bent on revenge.

Sounds like a classic Nic Cage film to me, right? Brian O’Shea from The Exchange said, “We are delighted to be financier on this project and thrilled to be part of such a talented team, including Paco and Bryan, who all know how to keep an audience on their toes.” I would agree. This has the potential to compete with the likes of Liam Neeson’sTaken‘. Looking forward to seeing Nic Cage say “YES” to this.



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