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Jason Statham is synonymous with box office bank when he stars in a movie. It’s no surprise that he’s been a busy little bad-ass lately. He’s going back to the stock well of British crime capers. Seriously when I just wrote that I think about the Pink Panther skulking around with his Sherlock hat and coat on with a gigantic magnifying glass. I’m fairly sure I’m more than just a little ADD, so bear with me, I’ll get us back to topic.

Statham and his production partner, Steve Chasman are looking at the new J.J. Connolly novel, Viva La Madness. The buzz clipped Jason Statham will be picking up the nameless character Daniel Craig embodied in Layer Cake from 2004. It’s only taken about 10 years for J.J. Connolly to come up with a sequel that he will be writing the screenplay for, again. Instead of surviving from a gunshot wound, this time around he will be looking for his own little piece of paradise to land on in retirement, of course that’s never the way the movies go…if it did, they would all be giant snooze-fests. So of course he gets drawn into trans-Atlantic drug deals, money laundering, high-tech electronic fraud, not to mention the London lowlifes and drug cartels. The nameless guy seems to have done and seen it all.

This is another test on the theory that several actors can play the same character with commercial success. Forget the Parker character Statham, and others, already did, I’m thinking of the 007 characters that have had a slew of different actors with fan based praise.

Look to see the sexy man that will always be known as Christmas to me, in the recently wrapped Heat, an adaptation by William Goldman of his own novel. Co-stars like Sofia Vergara, Milo Ventimiglia and Stanley Tucci will guarantee this can’t possibly be a bad movie. Statham has just wrapped The Expendables 3 and is currently shooting Fast & Furious 7. Homefront will be coming soon with Statham starring alongside James Franco and Kate Bosworth.



By Bryan Kluger

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