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Here is our infamous NCAA style tournament Filmmaker’s Bracket. We have narrowed it down to the Elite 8 directors in our NCAA tourney style bracket we created several weeks ago. We had 64 directors at one point, then narrowed it down to 32, then down to 16. It’s been a long and difficult road and we’ve had some great discussions and heated arguments on which filmmakers should advance on to the next round. With match ups like Spielberg/Scorsese and Carpenter/Romero, this is a must listen. Be sure to print out our bracket online and play along with us. Enjoy the show….


Find Adam Conway at http://www.angelikablog.com/

Find Gadi Elkon at http://www.gadielkon.com

Find Andrew Conway at https://www.facebook.com/akconway?fre

Find Gwen Reyes at http://www.reelvixen.com

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