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Yes, there will be a sequel to ‘Finding Nemo‘.  And yes, Albert Brooks will be back to voice his character Marlin, the papa fish to Nemo for Pixar. The original director, Andrew Stanton is back in the director’s seat as well as Ellen DeGeneres.  So, it looks like it’s a full-on production now. No word of the fish in the dentist’s office will make appearances, but I’m sure they will, which means Willem Dafoe will be back.

Since Pixar is in the sequel making business these days, they need to do sequels to ‘The Incredibles‘ and ‘A Bug’s Life‘. I’m surprised they haven’t done one with ‘The Incredibles‘ yet, what with all of the super-hero films out there now. We’ll update  you as soon as we get more info on this sequel. Until then, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

By Bryan Kluger

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