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Here is a bit of unfortunate news.  Spielberg has been working on his next directorial effort on the heels of his award winning film ‘Lincoln‘, which is an “end of the world’ type of scenario called ‘Robopocalypse‘.  That film has been put on an indefinite hold, according to a source close to the project.  The film would center on the destruction of the human race caused by a robot uprising.  And the film was an adaptation of Daniel H. Wilson’s novel of the same name.

Supposedly the reason for the hold is that the script wasn’t ready or good enough to start shooting and given that this project had an epic mega budget already, they decided to pull the plug for the time being and go back to square one and start over, thus canceling all the pre-production work.  The source said that this project is too important to rush things, which I guess this will be Spielberg’s answer to Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘Pacific Rim’.


And thus, Spielberg is on a vacation, at least from directing films.  Hmmmmm, I wonder what he would want to direct?  Thoughts?

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