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The CW will begin developing a project titled ‘Sick’ for a series, which will center around a world where teens are quarantined after a bizarre and new virus makes adults allergic to them and most likely forced to do battle.  It is described as a cross between ‘Contagion’ and ‘Hunger Games’, which we all know is just the pussy  version and all around terrible mock-up of ‘Battle Royale’

Can’t believe we are writing about ‘Battle Royale’ more than once today. Trey Callaway and Sean Hood wrote the script, which sold quickly to the CW, so I imagine they want to fast-track this.  I’m curious as to why this went through, as CW was wanting to actually make ‘Battle Royale’ an actual series, but couldn’t get the rights to it.  And for good reason.  I’m sure this series will fail miserably, but who knows.


Your thoughts?


By Bryan Kluger

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