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‘The Exorcist’ director, William Friedkin is gearing up to direct a film called ‘I Am Wrath’, starring Nic Cage.  Not only did Friedkin direct ‘The Exorcist’, but he also gave us ‘To Live and Die in LA’, ‘The French Connection’, and the recent ‘Killer Joe’.  Back at the Toronto Film Festival, it was said that Cage was set to star in the film and that Friedkin was being courted by the studios to direct.  Today, the contracts are being drawn up for Friedkin to helm the project.

The film will center on Stanley (Cage), whose wife was just murdered, and he finds that the police are not able to catch the killers. So Stanley must do things himself.  He discovers police corruption, and other bad deeds, and so must take matters into his own hands.  This leads to Stanley going down some dark territory, which means FULL ON NIC CAGE FREAKOUTS! At least I hope so.

If Friedkin is involved, you know this can get pretty violent, and with the addition of Nic Cage, things might just get a bit out of control.

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