Ring in Halloween Napkin Art Studios Style…

by NapkinArt on Aug 3rd, 2012

One of the best holidays on the entire planet is quickly approaching, and what better way to ring in the day of ghosts and goblins than with Napkin Art Studios’ “Classic Monsters” silk screen print set!

Each print measures 7″ x 9″ and is hand printed with 100% water-based inks on French Speckletone and Dur-O-Tone cover stock. These babies are limited to only 25 singed and numbered sets, and comes packaged with Napkin Art’s very own custom hand printed packaging.

This set officially releases on August 24th, but you can reserve your own set now on Napkin Art’s Etsy shop. Only a few sets will be available for pre-orders, but the remaining quantity will be available to the public on the official release date.

All of Napkin Art Studio’s prints and posters are hand printed and eco-friendly, designed and created in our Dallas, Texas based studio.

These bad ass monster prints are bound to go quickly, so don’t hesitate! Kids, get your “mummy and deady’s” permission before using their credit cards!

“Dracula” by Jonathon Kimbrell/Napkin Art Studios 2012.


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