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‘The Simpson’s’ is coming up on its 24th season, which means that the famous Halloween special we have all come to love, ‘Treehouse of Horror’ will be returning.  This will mark the 23rd Halloween episode for the series.  The episode will air Sunday, October 7th according to TVline.  So set your recording devices to see demonic posession, Black Holes, time travel, and the end of the world in the upcoming ‘Treehouse of Horror’ episode.

1st segment:  “Bart goes back and prevents Marge and Homer from ever getting married, and we see what happens next,” says the showrunner. (For what it’s worth, Jon Lovitz – who voices Marge’s high school paramour Artie Ziff, among other characters – is involved.)

2nd segment: “…a found-footage parody” – in the vein of Paranormal Activity –  “where something really strange is going on in the Simpson house,” the showrunner adds.

3rd segment: “We have a segment where a mini black hole terrorizes Springfield and starts sucking everything in, and it’s to tie into the discovery this summer of the Higgs boson,” he says, referring to the so-called “God particle.  We also deal a little with the Mayan prophecy of the world ending this year.”

I can totally see the end of the world being Homer’s fault.
I can’t wait.



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