Tom Waits Tour Announcement?!?!?

by Gumbercules9000 on Jul 31st, 2012

Hi, Bryan Here….

A very cryptic image appeared on Tom Waits’s web page earlier.  It’s an image of him, which is the one above that says “Coming Aug. 7”!  With the caption that reads, “Permission to Come Aboard”.  I think this means he will do a new tour.  Hopefully we will get a cool new video announcing the tour like he did with his PEHDTSKJMBA tour.  PEHDTSKJMBA meaning “People Envy Happiness; Dogs Though Sense Courage, Knowing Jubilation Means Better Ass…sets.”  Keep it here for more info on Aug 7th.

I hope he comes back to Dallas.  His last tour he did, I went to three of his shows.  I went to the Dallas gig, the Houston gig, and the Tulsa gig.  I took some photos of the shows, which you can see below. Also below you can purchase his new album ‘Bad as Me’ as well as see the fun PEHDTSKJMBA announcement from a few years ago.  Recently, Waits went on Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman and performed songs from his new album.


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