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The director of ‘Bronson’ and ‘Drive’ is in talks with DreamWorks to direct ‘Button Man: The Killing Game’ according to Deadline.  ‘Button Man: The Killing Game’ is a graphic novel by John Wagner and Arthur Ranson in which the story revolves around Harry Exton, a hired gun who’s offered a fortune to take part in a game organized by bored millionaires that sets trained killers against one another in a fight to the death. The fat cats bet on the proceedings, and when Exton gets disgusted and opts out, his only exit strategy might be to off the millionaires funding the competition.

If you read comics at all, you’ll remember that John Wagner created Judge Dredd.  Nothing is set in stone yet, but Refn is in some serious talks with DreamWorks to helm the project.  I think this is perfect for Refn as it is just as violent, if not more than ‘Drive’.  This could be a kickass film for both Tom Hardy and Ryan Gosling.  I hope all goes to planned with this project, and be sure to pick up the graphic novel below.  You’ll enjoy it.




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