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Good news everyone.  Woody Allen is returning to the front of the camera and it won’t be his own movie.  Allen will join John Turturro (The Jesus) in a comedy called ‘Fading Gigolo’ which Turturro will be the director and writer.  Sharon Stone is set to star in the film as well and ‘Modern Family’ star Sofia Vergara is in final talks to star in the film as well according to Variety.

‘Fading Gigolo’ will follow Allen and Turturro’s characters who are long time friends who are having money problems and decide to go into the gigolo business together, only to raise eyebrows in their local hasidic Jewish community in which they reside.  Their character names are Virgil and Bongo.  This has comedy GOLD written all over it.  This is on my high radar frequency.  Can’t wait.  These two will kill it together.

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