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We at Boomstick had the pleasure of talking with several artists and writers during our coverage of Sci-Fi Expo 2012.  Among some of them were Robert Wilson IV of ‘Knuckleheads’ fame and who does some pretty incredible movie poster art.  We also talked with artist Jamie Tyndall who you might recognize from Grimm.  We got the scoop on some of their projects as well as some upcoming projects they might have in store.


First up we have Robert Wilson IV who lives in the Dallas area.  Wilson and Brian Winkeler both created ‘Knuckleheads’ which is an indie comic which Wilson described as kinda like ‘Arrested Development’.  Needless to say we were quickly intrigued.  Check out Wilson’s page HERE and see all the amazing art he does.




We also spoke with artist Jamie Tyndall who’s worked on Grimm’s Myths and Legends.  Tyndall also does some pretty kick-ass commission work.  We really liked his Wonder Woman work.  Some of the best I have seen.  You can find all about Tyndall’s work and even shop at his online store HERE.



Some of Robert Wilson’s work.



Some of Jamie Tyndall’s work.


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