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I am completely psyched about his movie.  Cillian Murphy, Sigourney Weaver, and was that Robert De Niro?   Why Yes.  Yes it was.  Also I caught Elizabeth Olsen in the trailer.  This looks amazing.   Sigourney back in Horror is always a plus. “A psychological thriller which explores the human brain’s perception mechanisms and the diffuse frontiers between belief and science, RED LIGHTS starts out from the experiences of two rationalist scientists who dissect phenomena from the metapsychic world, and the clash of forces with a world famous psychic they bring about. The past and the present of each the protagonists contain still unrevealed shadows, setting in train a dark story of growing tension, full of unexpected twists and turns.”  Rodrigo Cortes will be directing the film.  He made that amaizng Ryan Reynolds film, ‘Buried’ which took place completely all inside a coffin.  Enjoy the trailer.



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