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Just in time for the release of the new highly anticipated Muppet film, NBC has purchased the rights for a new tv series from Jim Henson’s studio called ‘The Nabors’.  It will be a comedy about a human family and the repercussions they encounter living next door to a family of puppets. “Feature writer John Hoffman (Fox 2000′s Afterlife) and 30 Rock executive producer John Riggi will write the script for The New Nabors, which they developed with Lisa Henson and The Jim Henson Co.”



This is  good news.  Seems like some good crew are already in place for this show and with all the hype and good reviews of the Muppets already, I think this series can and will succeed.  ALF did really well for a number of years and Greg the Bunny had a significant cult following.  So muppets are no stranger to the tv airwaves.  I am looking forward to this.

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My Lady, let me come with you.
There is no danger. The fighting is over, and... this is personal.
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As you wish, My Lady... but I strongly disagree.
I'll be all right, Captain. This is something I must do myself. Besides, Threepio will look after me.
Oh, dear.
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