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So yes.  George Lucas is raping my childhood again as we speak.  He likes doing it.  He gets pleasure in ruining his once long ago master pieces which have turned into mostly garbage.  So not only are we getting the special editions of Star Wars on bluray, but it seems like Lucas is changing things yet again to make this dying franchise worse and worse.  I’ll eat my words if he ever releases the original films on blu-ray, but sad to say folks, i doubt that is going to happen any time soon.  So I have two clips from the new Star Wars Blu-Rays where Lucas has changed a few things.  So just watch them below and feel the rape.

Holy fucking shit.  Did Lucas add Darth Vader yelling “NOOOOOOOO”???  I mean, what makes this scene so good is that Darth Vader overcoming the dark side and evil and making his choice to save his son and become the good father and person he once was.  He didn’t need to say anything to do it.  It made that scene fucking powerful.  FUCKING RUINED!!!

Your thougths?

Via Badass Digest.

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