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I’ve been hearing about this film for a long long time.  I’m so glad it is finally getting released.  The poster looks great so far.  Love the tag line and love that it is from the producers of the 2003 version of’ Dawn of the Dead’.  Over the July 4th weekend, I had a Kurt Russell marathon at my house and one of the films we screened was Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’.  This was the crowd favorite out of the four we all watched.

I’m just so glad that we are getting (I hope) another great horror film that reminds me of those phycological horror films of the 70’s and 80’s.  I’m fairly sure this is going to be AWESOME.  I mean the beautiful Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim) is in the film.  “Giiiirrrllll Numberrr” and she is badass.  Very much looking forward to this film.  Enjoy the poster.  Thanks to AICN.

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2 Responses to “Check Out The Poster for the New and Upcoming ‘The Thing’!!!”

  1. FedMex Says:

    damn, after just saying that i don’t want Oldboy remade, i’m actually excited about this one…

  2. Gumbercules9000 Says:

    Yeah I’m looking forward to it.

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