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Woody Allen is starting his next project called “The Wrong Picture” and is he will be filming this movie in Italy.  So far he has gotten a pretty stellar cast and word is that he has landed director/actor Roberto Benigni to be in his latest opus as well.

So far Allen has cast Jesse Eisenberg, Ellen Page, Penelope Cruz, and Alec Baldwin to star in “The Wrong Picture” and hopefully all will “align” and Roberto Benigni will come back to the silver screen.  We all remember Benigni from the Oscars that one year where he won for his film “Life Is Beautiful” and he crawled over seats and people to get to the stage.  Literally.  Since then, none of his films have done well.  He did his version of Pinocchio. but that didn’t bode well for anyone involved or watching.  So I’m glad that Allen has cast an Italian to be in a film located in Italy.  And let’s face it, a Woody Allen film, that cast, and Roberto Benigni….it will be GOLD.

Your thoughts?

Read the whole story on Deadline.

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