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Trollhunter‘ is some of the best fun you will ever have in front of a movie screen.  Who would of thought a film about Trolls would be fucking insanely AWESOME!!!  I mean with the Troll 2 film which really wasn’t even about Trolls.  I can say this though, when the time comes for you to see ‘Trollhunter’, you’re gonna be in for the thrill ride of your life.  Fucking Epic!!!

So the film plays out like a mockumentary in the vein of Blair Witch and Cloverfield.  Three documentarians from one of the state colleges are doing a class project for their film class.  This certain group embarks to make a documentary on bear poachers, particularly a certain bear poacher who is notorious for killing bears illegally.  Well shortly thereafter, they figure out that their one “bear poacher” is not actually what they seem to think he is, things take a turn into some wild and crazy shit.  Their documentary on bear poachers quickly turns into a one man army to stop GIANT fucking trolls from escaping their territories and also keeping the public unaware of these creatures.  And HOLY FUCK…”Shit Gets Real!!!”

So the one “Trollhunter” now has allowed this documentary crew to tag along with him to document what he has been hired to do by the government, which basically is kill Trolls and keep the public unaware that Trolls exist by any means necessary.  Which sounds weird, because he allows the documentary crew to film this, but our Trollhunter has a heart and he doesn’t care anymore what his bosses tell him to do and he tells the crew that he wants the people to know what the government is doing and that it is wrong in what they’re doing which is basically wiping out a species.   So begins a journey to figure out why certain Trolls have wondered out of their territories which we are told they rarely do.

Now some of the best aspects of this film are the looks of the trolls and all of the sound design .  The trolls are based on old tales and descriptions of what Trolls might look like and whew.  They are frightening.  Some are shorter than humans and some are as tall as mountains and everything in between.  We follow the documentary crew and the Trollhunter on a journey of death, destruction, mayhem, and pure insanity.  The special FX  in this little film are surprisingly really FUCKING IMPRESSIVE.  Like grade A weta type FX.  And the trolls are really ugly and gross and most of all scary.  Some have three heads even.  And the sound.  WOW.  The best way to watch this film is with a surround sound system.  The sound of the trees whistling or trees falling down, the footsteps, and the Trolls angry howls and growls make this films so frightening that you will think twice about camping again.

Another great aspect to the film is that while the Trollhunter does his best to explain the origins of the trolls and the science behind the beasts, it is short lived and the filmmakers allow the creatures to be the mystical and magical beasts that they are.  It definitely adds to the mystery and horror of it all.  There are a few comedic moments here and there specifically when their cameraman is killed and eaten by a Troll and their new camerawoman arrives and is asked if she believes in God due to the fact that Trolls can smell the blood of a christian person, to which she replies that she is Muslim and if that would be safe.  The trollhunter responds with “I guess we’ll find out”.  Hilarious yet real.  Made me laugh quite a bit.

Everything works with ‘Trollhunter‘ from the excellent documentary camera work to the FX trolls to the sound design.  It’s a fucking mighty hardcore horror documentary that will leave you talking about it with people for days on end.  It’s an excellent and original addition to the genre and a shit-load of fun.  I can’t wait for all of you to see this movie and hope it gets the following it deserves.  See it.  Believe it.

See it in theaters June 10th.

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