Hi Bryan Here….

Now you know I am not a fan of Michael Bay nor am I a fan of his version of the Transformers.  I however do love the 80’s cartoon movie of the Transformers.  The last two Transformers films have stunk.  The only thing I liked out of both films was the scene Bernie Mac was in.  That’s it.  And the last Transformers film was a joke.  How did that even get made?  How did studio execs allow that?  Well, sources close to production say this third film will be badass and that everyone on set including Bay knows especially that last film was shit.  SO who knows.  I still think it will be a turd.  Hopefully I will be surprised.  My hopes aren’t high.

Here are a few images to feast your eyes on via APPLE’S site where you can take a look at a few more.

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