Armie Hammer Will Be the Lone Ranger??

by Gumbercules9000 on Apr 28th, 2011

Hi Bryan Here….

Actor Armie Hammer who is best known for playing the Winklevoss twins in the Oscar Wining film “The Social Network” is currently in talks to ride with Johnny Depp in a big screen version of “The Lone Ranger”.

Director Gore Verbinsky (The Ring (US Version), The Pirates of the Caribbean) will be in the director’s chair for “The Lone Ranger” with Johnny Depp playing Tanto according to Deadline.  I believe John Hamm (Mad Men) was thought to be up for this role at some point along with Ryan Gosling, but all of that has fallen through.  Going by what Hammer did in “The Social Network”, I can say he has the presence and ability to be one amazing Lone Ranger.

Your thoughts?

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