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Director Tom Hooper has landed himself another directing gig.  This time it is for the much anticipated musical film, “Les Miserables”.  All of this according to Deadline.

Tom Hooper did an outstanding job directing the HBO minseries, “John Adams” and of course his oscar winning directorial effort of “The King’s Speech”.

The dealmaking has started for Hooper to direct Les Miserables, a full-blown musical adaptation of the Cameron Mackintosh-produced perennial stage hit. This is the first film he’s begun negotiations on since winning the Oscar, but insiders in Hooper’s camp stopped short of saying it would definitively be his next film. I hear that’s how it will work out.”

If the deal is made, then I think this could be another Oscar winner.  Hooper’s enthusiasm and talent will make this a success.  Now I am not the biggest fan of the musical, but I still enjoy it.  But I think by having this talented director, it will bring a new audience to the stage and story.

Your thoughts?

By Bryan Kluger

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