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In a very odd and interesting movie, the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have announced that actors James Franco and Anne Hathaway will host the 83rd Academy Awards show.  The show will air on February 27th, 2011.

I think these two are extremely talented and will do a great job of hosting.  Yes, I will miss the likes of Billy Crystal, Jon stewart, and Steve Martin, but remember when Hugh “Wolverine” Jackman hosted?  Yah, he did a great job at it and that was an odd choice.  Also two hosts are common.  Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin both hosted and they were hilarious.

What is interesting is that, both Anne and James have films out right now that will probably be nominated for awards.  That would be cool to see a host win awards.  Another fun note, the combined age of James and Anne equal 61.  Steve Martin is 4 years older than that.  I wonder if this is a move on the Academy to get more younger viewers.

I would love to think that by James Franco hosting, there could possibly be a Freaks and Geeks reunion on stage in front of everyone.  Or a Spider-Man vs. Harry Osbourne  fight on stage.  Or even James Franco and Seth Rogen doing a “smoking weed” bit for the Oscars.  That would be BADASS.  Oscars, take note of this.

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