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Earlier today, it was reported that the Mel Gibson cameo as a tattoo artist in the upcoming sequel to The Hangover was cancelled.  This was caused by certain actors and crew members and friends of the producers protesting Mel’s involvement.  Supposedly Zach Galafianakis was the ring leader in this.

So as quick as lightning strikes, there is a replacement for Mel’s role as the tattoo artist.  The character calls for somebody who is completely CRAZY and somebody who you would be scared to talk with.

The man taking on the role now is Liam Neeson.  Yes a Jedi will be in the Hangover sequel.

Hangover star Bradley Cooper had a hand in getting his A-Team co-star the gig for this movie.

Can’t wait to see Liam pull this character off.

What do yall think?

By Bryan Kluger

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