Wal-Mart Introduces Wireless Mobile Phone Service

by Gumbercules9000 on Sep 14th, 2010

Wal-Mart said earlier this week that it will be introducing its own line of cell phone service and plans through its own branding.  The Wal-Mart Family service will be using T-Mobile’s network.

Unlimited calling and texting will cost $45.00 a month for the first line.  Each additional line will be $25.00.   This service will be offered starting next week through out most Wal-Mart stores.

Starting Monday, the chain plans to sell five phones, including a full-blown smart phone, the Motorola Cliq XT, which will cost $249. T-Mobile sells it for $329 without a contract, or gives it away to buyers who sign two-year contracts (with monthly fees that are higher than the no-contract option).

The cheapest phone for the service will be a simple Nokia phone for $35.

I think I’m still gonna keep my iPhone.

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