Air Max 90s are not always shown the most love by Nike. It has been a long time since we have seen a pair as hyped up as the Atmos Camo pair or the Bacons, which ended up releasing earlier this year. When images of these first leaked, I became very excited for the release, as the 90s are one of my all-time favorite shoes. All four colors piqued my interest, but I chose the yellow ones because I did not have any yellow pairs in my collection.

Yellow can be an obnoxious color. However, the yellow on these does a good job of accenting the white and giving the sneaker some pop. The colors even go well with many different articles of clothing. The lace lock and the Undefeated logo on the insole and the back give the shoe some added depth, as they show that this shoe is not just a regular air max 90. 

The air max 90 is one of my all-time favorite sneakers. One of the reasons is because of how comfortable they are. You can go all day long walking in these. I took these on a three-and-a-half-week trip to the United Kingdom, and I wore them all the time. After wearing them after I got home and still feeling comfortable in them, I realized how strong a sneaker this is. You can lace them tight or keep them loose, which allowed me to wear them while walking around in the city and while relaxing. 

While I do believe this is a great sneaker, I would not pay more than $150. This release was not super exclusive so resell should not be too crazy. Retail was on the higher side for an air max, but the collab with Undefeated drew the price up to Jordan territory. Since their release, the reselling price has never been too high so keep an eye out on the prices and do not overpay. As always, the reselling price is subject to change so get them while they’re at a good value. As of 7/12/21, the prices for sizes 8-10.5 are all decent, but once you leave that range you enter the $200-300 area. 


Design: 4/5

Comfort: 5/5

Retail: $150

The price range on StockX (all sizes): $123-355

The price range on Goat (all sizes): $143-333

Written by: Will S. 

By Bryan Kluger

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