Rob Zombie looks to be headed back to his roots by making yet another ‘Devil’s Rejects‘ movie. There are many people reporting about it and it seems has confirmed that his next film after his Groucho Marx movie ‘Raised Eyebrows‘, which I can’t confirm if he’s been filming that for the past few months or not. Zombie though will make another movie in that ‘Devil’s Rejects‘ universe, but it’s still unclear if it will be a sequel or a  prequel to that infamous Firefly family.

Zombie first came onto the big film scene back in 2003 with his stylized horror film ‘House of 1000 Corpses‘. That film took a few years to be released, due to the graphic nature of the movie and the MPAA constantly grading it with an X rating, which is kryptonite to movies that want a wide release in theaters. After some heavy edits and a few bloody stabs taken out, it saw the light of day and introduced us to the macabre of the Firefly family that consisted of Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig), Otis (Bill Moseley), and Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie) as the main part of the family. ‘House of 1000 Corpses‘ had a ton of horror elements to it, including a murderous family and what seemed to be zombies and a satanic monster doctor. It became an instant cult film for horror fans.

A couple of years later, Zombie made the sequel ‘The Devil’s Rejects‘, which is hands down, his best film to date. It’s completely different in style and tone of his first outing with ‘Corpses’, and took the ‘Natural Born Killers’ realistic satire, rather than a horror nature to the film. The results were amazing and came with a well-written and funny script that had the Firefly family on the run from the cops, killing everyone in their path. If you remember from that film, the end of the movie is the remaining Firefly clan driving at top speed headfirst into a dozens of cop cars and officers who have the road blocked off to the tune of ‘Freebird’. It’s a slow motion opera of sorts with guns blazing on both sides.

That being said, we never actually see the Firefly family die, but rather the film pauses and we just head a bunch of shots. Who knows that happened after that. Their criminal friends could have saved the day at the last second, a rogue cop could work for the Firefly clan and turn on the cops, or the Firefly family could simply have won the day. On the other hand, we could get a prequel, which would set up all of the other murders before the events of ‘House of 1000 Corpses‘ that would tell us how some of Captain Spaulding’s museum came to be.

Whatever the case is, I’m all in for this. One thing is for sure, Rob Zombie has a true passion and unrelenting penchant for horror and he’s done well – mostly. Still, if we get any new footage of Sid Haig as Captain Spaulding, then we have succeeded in life. More info to come.

Written By: Bryan Kluger



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