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This scene cracks me up every time I see it, and I’ve probably seen it over 250 times. Before Trey Parker and Matt Stone became household names, rich, famous, and award winners for South Park and Book of Mormon, they made a tiny independent comedy film called Orgazmo. This was their second film after the college movie Cannibal: The Musical.

In Orgazmo, Trey Parker plays a Mormon who goes door to door, relaying the good word on his religion. His wife wants to get married in the big Mormon church, but they don’t have enough money to cover the cost of the wedding. So what does Trey’s character Joe Young do? He resorts to starring in porn films with a character named Orgazmo, who is a superhero who can give instant orgasms to his friends and enemies with his laser arm. It’s brilliant, really. There are just so many great scenes here and really shows just how hilariously funny both Parker and Stone are, before South Park became a hit.

One of the many running jokes in the film is that there is no female nudity in the film. Every time you’re about to see some lady flesh, a guy’s butt enters the frame with a funny sound effect. So damn good. However, that’s not the favorite scene here. This one is a scene that is under two minutes, but is one of the perfect examples of comedy gold.

In the scene, Joe Young’s porn co-star and friend Ben (Dian Bachar) seems to be a master of some sort of Kung-Fu, which he dubs Hamster Style. He tells Joe he vowed to never practice the deadly martial art again and had a tough time coming to grips with that. We then see a short flashback of how and why he stopped Hamster-Style, which is picture perfect. This is how you do comedy, folks.


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