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Blumhouse and Todd McFarlane have announced today at San Diego Comic-Con that the creator/artist of the Spawn comic books will step into the director’s chair and make a Spawn movie. It’s not exactly news that there was going to be another Spawn film, but now we know the great production company Blumhouse (The Conjuring) is behind it with McFarlane himself stepping up to direct, which fairly rare.

McFarlane has already penned a draft of the screenplay and this will mark his first directorial effort. McFarlane rose to fame when he changed the look of Spider-Man years ago, then he was onto co-founding Image Comics, which led him to create Spawn. After this and many comic book deals, he became involved in the action figure scene, designing all of those cool detailed action figures from movies, known as McFarlane Toys. The first Spawn film came out in 1997 and made over $87 million on a $40 million budget.

There was never a sequel, but we’ve all wanted Michael Jai White to reprise the role he made famous. If you’re unfamiliar with Spawn, it follows a CIA mercenary named Al Simmons, who is killed by his partner and sent to Hell, due to the death of a few innocent civilians over the years. Simmons makes a deal with an evil demon known as Malebolgia for his soul, in that he can see his family again. Simmons then returns to Earth as a demonic creature and becomes a sort-of anti-hero.

This is awesome news. I’m glad Blumhouse jumped on this and I hope McFarlane has an easy time in the director’s seat. I can’t wait to see the announcement of a new cast here. It will certainly be difficult to re-cast White and John Leguizamo here.


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