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Shout! Factory Films announced today that writer/director Lena Khan’s acclaimed comedy feature ‘The Tiger Hunter‘ will open September 22,2017 in Los Angeles, New York and select major markets, to be followed by openings in additional cities.

A timely and topical comedy that captures a young immigrant’s pursuit of success, love and the American dream with humor and heart, ‘The Tiger Hunter‘ is directed by Khan and written by Sameer Gardezi (‘Modern Family‘) and Khan. The film stars Danny Pudi (‘Community‘, ‘Powerless‘), Jon Heder (‘Napoleon Dynamite‘, ‘Blades of Glory‘), Rizwan Manji (‘The Wolf of Wall Street‘, ‘Outsourced‘), Karen David (‘Once Upon a Time‘, ‘Galavant‘), Sam Page (‘House of Cards‘, ‘Mad Men‘), Iqbal Theba (‘Glee‘, ‘Seinfeld‘), Parvesh Cheena (‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘, ‘Outsourced‘) with Michael McMillian (‘Silicon Valley‘, ‘True Blood‘) and Kevin Pollak (‘The Usual Suspects‘, ‘A Few Good Men‘). Produced by Megha Kadakia, Lena Khan and Nazia Khan, The Tiger Hunter is a charming comedy bolstered by vibrant storytelling and an endearing comic spirit.

A clever young man comes to America on a quest for success and love in a hilarious story of ambition, failure, and misfit friends. Set in the 1970s, The Tiger Hunter is the story of Sami Malik, a young Indian who travels to America to become an engineer in order to impress his childhood crush and live up to the legacy of his father-a legendary tiger hunter back home. When Sami’s job falls through, he takes a low-end job and joins with a gang of oddball friends in hopes of convincing his childhood sweetheart that he’s far more successful than he truly is…or perhaps ever could be.

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Dwight Schrute:
All right, who did this? I'm not mad, I just want to know who did it so I can punish them.
Jim Halpert:
What are you talking about?
Dwight Schrute:
Uh, someone, uh, forged medical information, and that is a felony.
Jim Halpert:
Okay, whoa, all right, 'cause that's a pretty intense accusation. How do you know that they're fake?
Dwight Schrute:
Uh, leprosy? Flesh-eating bacteria? Hot dog fingers. Government created killer nano robot infection.
[to Jim]
Dwight Schrute:
You did this, didn't you?
Jim Halpert:
Absolutely not.
Dwight Schrute:
Yes you did.
Jim Halpert:
No I didn't.
Dwight Schrute:
I know it was you. Okay, fine, you know what? I'm going to have interview each and every one of you until the perpetrator makes him or herself known. And until that time, there will be no health care coverage for anyone.
[Dwight slams door to his workspace]
Jim Halpert:
[to Pam] Killer nano robots?
Pam Beesly:
It's an epidemic.
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