The Superman Prequel ‘Krypton’ has a Trailer!

by Gumbercules9000 on Jul 21st, 2017

Hi everyone, Bryan here…..

Warner Bros. and the SyFy network have come together for a new series called ‘Krypton‘, which is a Superman prequel that will debut next year. The show will take place on Krypton and take place a whole two generations before the destruction of Krypton that forces Jor-El to send his only son Kal-El (Superman) to Earth. The series will follow Superman’s grandfather (Cameron Cuffe), whose house of El was shunned by Kryptonian society.

He fights to redeem his family’s honor and save his home planet from evil. Georgina Campbell, Elliot Cowan, Ann Ogbomo, Rasmus Hardiker, Wallis Day, Aaron Pierre also star, along with Ian McElhinney. The series will be exective produced by David S. Goyer with Damian Kindler acting as showrunner.

I must say, this looks good. Enjoy the trailer.

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