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Since Ed Sheeran made a very quick cameo in this first episode of Season 7 of HBO’s Game of Thrones, a good friend of mine – Suzahhhnn, mentioned that the next Favorite Movie Scene of the Day should be one where a musician made a fun cameo in a movie. I thought it was a great idea and here we are. However, what movie to do, I thought. The obvious one would be Blues Brothers, but that will be saved for another time. As I was thinking and going through my movie collection, it almost instantly came to me, like a lightning bolt.

It’s a movie where the Blues legend Albert Collins made a film appearance, which now I try to make sense of. I’m talking about the film Adventures in Babysitting where Chris Parker (Elisabeth Shue) is on a crazy adventure with three kids she is babysitting and at one point in the movie, they end up in downtown Chicago at an all-black blues club where Collins is playing. Not only do they end up in the club, but they end up on stage, singing a song, known now as The Babysitting Blues. The film came out in 1987 and Collins died in 1993.

This was his only film role. Adventures in Babysitting was directed by Chris Columbus (Mrs. Doubtfire and the first two Harry Potter films) and was produced by Debra Hill (the producer for most John Carpenter movies) and became an instant cult classic. Maybe it was the Blues of being in Chicago or one of the filmmakers or stars just really loved Albert Collins and they got him to do this role, but it baffles me still to this day, but I’m so happy we got this scene and song, because it’s very memorable.

After a night on the run from bad guys and babysitting three crazy kids, and finding out your boyfriend is cheating on you, Chris Parker now has to sing on stage the blues in front of a packed crowd in order to leave. Even though, she’s never sung on stage, she nails it and the song is a lot of fun. Plus, you get a live performance of the late, amazing Albert Collins in full. I love this film and definitely this scene.

I’m sure there will be more moments from this film to come in the future, but for now, “Nobody leaves this place without singing the blues.”



By Bryan Kluger

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