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Syfy is getting a new series from partners Mario Van Peebles, through his new shingle MVPTV, and XLRator Media. The 13-episode order is for a series titled ‘Superstition‘. As the name suggests it’s a supernatural drama, and it’s set near the one city in America that is more attached to the supernatural than any others, New Orleans. MVP is set to write, direct and star in a few of the episodes. Joel Anderson Thompson (‘Battlestar Galactica‘) is on tap to serve as showrunner. The series won’t air until sometime in 2017.

The series focuses on the owners of the only funeral home in their town just outside of NOLA. The family doesn’t just serve the town as undertakers, they also keep the dark secrets and history of the town and it’s members, as well. The town operates as a sort of magnet for the fear that’s been unleashed into the world by an ancient, mysterious malefactor named The Dredge.


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