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MGM is wanting to make yet another sequel to the ‘Shanghai’ film series that successfully starred Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. This time, MGM has secured Jared Hess to direct. Remember Jared Hess? He was the guy who directed ‘Napoleon Dynamite‘, ‘Nacho Libre‘, and the upcoming ‘Masterminds‘.

Chan and Wilson are in negotiations for their salaries, but are expected to return as their characters in this third film. The story is being kept under wraps, according to THR, but Theodore Riley and Aaron Buchsbaum wrote the screenplay. The last two films have made almost $200 million at the box office with a budget of $100 million for both films combined. The last time we saw Chan and Wilson play these characters was some sixteen years ago.

I guess MGM has faith in this third sequel, which we have no idea what part of the planet it will take place on. I always had a good time at the movies with these films. Let’s just hope they don’t go dark with this third sequel as so many films have done in the past. We will update you more as info becomes available.


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