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A good friend sent me this short film by Diego and Julio Hallivis, who are brothers living in Los Angeles and making films. After a small amount of online research, it looks like these brothers have shot and produced their own short films for the past few years and were both production assistants on ‘Burn Notice‘, which means they worked with Bruce Campbell. Last week, they uploaded their new film called ‘The Laughing Man‘, which is about Harley Quinn and The Joker from the DC Comics Universe.

Even though this doesn’t have chase scenes through big cities with big buildings crashing down, the production value on everything is top notch and looks like a studio film with a modest indie budget. The practical effects are amazing and the actors and direction are incredible. I hope Warner Bros. and DC sees this film and hires the Hallivis Bros. for a future movie in some form, because this is talent that will move up fast.

WARNING THOUGH! This Short Film is NSFW and basically rated R for language and gore. Everyone should watch this, because this is how the DC Movie Universe should be if they are keeping with the darker tone.

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  1. Mario Morales Says:

    Excellent !!!! I love the Song that Harley and Joker Dance,

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