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One of my favorite actors is John Cusack, and he’s reaching the end of negotiations to star in ‘Misfortune‘ where his character will be a quick-witted businessman that walks away from his life and everyone in it to begin a new life thanks to his newly found riches, which are embezzled from a client. He has a plan and is following it well until he becomes separated from his stacks of loot in the middle of the woods where three young friends just happen to come across said loot.

The latter part of that description reminds me of Kevin Bacon’sCop Car‘ from 2015 where two young boys just happen to steal Bacon’s police cruiser that’s been abandoned in the middle of nowhere. I enjoyed that one and can’t wait to see Cusack in his role and trying to recover the money. The self-claimed apocalyptic shit disturber is an excellent actor and he plays the guy-at-the-end-of-his-rope thing brilliantly.

Jared Butler and Lars Norberg have written the screenplay and Lucky McKee (‘The Woman‘) will be helming the thriller.


By Bryan Kluger

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