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PicMonkey CollageGuillermo del Toro’s and Fox Searchlight’s supernatural romance rumored to be titled ‘The Shape of Water‘ has cast its villain in actor Michael Shannon.  He joins a cast that includes Sally Hawkins, Richard Jenkins, Octavia Spencer and Michael Stuhlbarg.


Set in 1963, centers around Elisa (Hawkins), a mute janitor working at a lab where an amphibious man is being held captive. When Elisa falls in love with the creature, she devises a plan to help him escape with the assistance of her neighbor. The world outside of the lab, however, may prove to be more dangerous for the amphibious man than Elisa could have anticipated.

Del Toro is bringing his incredible directing skills to the project where he will re-team with his ‘Pacific Rim‘ and ‘Crimson Peak‘ co-hort Callum Greene will produce.


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