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For a while now, WWE has been producing it’s own original content in the form of television shows and movies. One of their more popular shows is ‘Total Divas‘, which is a reality show that follows the female WWE Superstars around. It’s at the end of its 5th season and will be back for at least a 6th season.

Well now, E! has greenlit a spinoff show called ‘Total Bellas‘, which will feature the twin sisters Nikki and Brie Bella from WWE. The first season will have six episodes, each being one hour in length and will follow them on their daily lives. Let it be noted that the Bella twins’ significant others are Daniel Bryan and John Cena, so you can expect to see them both on the show.

The Bella Twins will both continue to be on ‘Total Divas‘ as well. Now while I probably won’t be glued to the tv screen, specifically for this show, it will be damn cool to see Cena and Bryan on the show often, and judging by the sisters’ social media accounts, it looks like the show will be quite the adventure.


By Bryan Kluger

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