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I am passionate about a lot of different things. This bit of news combines two of those loves – Nathan Fillion and comic books, more specifically, comic book movies. If you combine the gorgeous Captain Mal or Hammer, whichever you choose, with the Marvel universe you get a very particular response – ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘!! **Warning kids – Spoilers Ahead**


Fillion had an uncredited guest appearance in the first GOTG flick as the blue inmate that roughs up Peter Quill on the Kyln. This time when we see him in the sequel we’ll be able to pick him out a little more.

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Someone snapped some set pictures and posted them earlier revealing an Earth-based street theater featuring movie posters on the wall showing Fillion’s character in different movie roles. So we know Fillion is playing an actor, but we got to see the name of that character and it’s Simon Williams. Fans of the GOTG comic will know this name and his super-alter ego, Wonder Man.

If you follow his story, Wonder Man joined the Avengers after a storied criminal past and has superhuman strength, speed, and durability. After his heroics, he retired to become an actor.

I have no idea if there is more to his appearance in the flick other than another slight cameo, but God I hope this turns into a bigger part that can travel the Marvel Universe and appear in some movies!

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