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American Horror Story: Hotel‘ has already seen much of their revolving door of actors sign on for the new anthology series and as of now, Evan Peters has agreed as well. This marks Peters’ fifth season run with the Ryan Murphy horror series. The only other actor, besides Peters, to have appeared in each re-imagining is Sarah Paulson.

The cast is coming together with a surprise here and there, but overall looks like a cast we’re familiar with. Here’s a little bit of a run down on the players, so far.


Sarah Paulson – Janis Joplin, the real life female rock star unaware of the horrible fate that lies at her next hotel check-in.


Evan Peters – The Prowler, a mysterious young man that can be found hanging around the hotel and dark alley ways.

LILY RABE at Stars on the Rise

Lily Rabe – Annabelle Evergreen, the new owner of the hotel who is slowly losing grip of reality.


Michelle Pfeiffer – Martina McBride, the previous hotel owner with many secrets



Kathy Bates –  Claudia DeVeau, Joplin’s agent that will do anything to keep her star client’s image maintained.

Frances Conroy

Frances Conroy – Maude Madelyn, a Marilyn Monroe copycat and murderous cougar.

"This Means War" - Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Angela Bassett – Lolita Jones, a jazz singer that plays at the hotel bar.
Denis O’Hare – Leo Maxwell, the bartender and close friend of Lolita.

Wes Bentley – Father Dominic Deon, the happy-go-lucky leader of a very curious religious group.
Chloe Sevigny – Lois Deon, a happy homemaker with a dark past.
Alexander Skarsgard –  Joshua Evergreen, Annabelle’s supportive husband and potential target.
Michael Chiklis – Dr. Nelson Brackett, an out of work scientist desperate for a place to work.
Tammy Blanchard – Theresa Faulkner, the strict and bitter head maid that secretly peeps on guests.
Matt Bomer – Terry Castro, a tedious bell boy with eyes and ears out for everyone.
Lady Gaga – Elisa Starr, another popular lounge singer in competition with Lolita.
Steven Weber – Ray Ottoman, the unwelcome hotel inspector.
2009 Palm Springs International Film Festival - Arrivals
 Donald Sutherland – Father Abner Gates, a priest that comes to cleanse the hotel yet it backfires horribly.
Finn Wittrock – Chap Newton, an engaged man that makes the horrible mistake of spending the night at the hotel.
Cheyenne Jackson –  Thomas Seabras, a gossiping bell boy that has undergone strange activity.
Grace Gummer –  Emma Lam, a maid
Christine Estabrook – Abigail White, the hotel’s realtor
Whew! That’s who we can expect when Hotel begins filming this summer in L.A. with episodes airing in October.

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