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In the land of remakes, there is one bright spot that hasn’t been touched, yet. Yet is the key word in that sentence. The iconic film ‘The Crow‘, Brandon Lee cemented his popularity with his portrayal of Eric Draven, the tragic hero of a dark film that, at it’s heart, is a vigilante tale. Director Corin Hardy (‘The Hallow‘) is planning to remake the film, which has a loyal cult following, and he has already cast his Eric.


Jack Huston, the disfigured assassin, Richard Harrow, from HBO’sBoardwalk Empire‘. The actor is a hot commodity at the moment, he’s involved in the ‘Ben-Hur‘ remake and has been set to star in the adaptation of another Nicholas Sparks novel, ‘The Longest Ride‘, on top of that he’s going to be Wickham in another book adaptation, ‘Pride, Prejudice and Zombies‘.


There isn’t any other casting info to report on for the film, but as details become available, we’ll pass them on. Huston is best remembered by me as Jack Kerouac in ‘Kill Your Darlings‘, that film still surprises me with the level of amazing storytelling each actor brought to the table, including Daniel Radcliffe, seriously worth a look.

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