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Here is our fourth Re-Cast of the year, where if you are unfamiliar with our famous Re-Casts, we take an older film or tv show and re-cast it if it were remade today. And this week, we have chosen the iconic film ‘The Addams Family‘ to re-cast. There were no stipulations this time around, so if someone wanted to cast Nicolas Cage for every role, they could.. But after we finished the casting session, and finished our picks, I definitely want to see this movie. Of course, it’s always difficult to replace the original cast, but in this day and age of remakes, anythig is possible, so this is who we think would do best in these roles. This was a lot of fun. We will be posting some images of our re-cast for you to see in full on our FACEBOOK page, which you should visit to catch up on all the latest information. And don’t forget to visit iTunes and subscribe to our podcast. Enjoy the show.


Gomez Addams should be played by: Robert Downey Jr. or Jack Huston

ParadesEnd_JackHuston_1 robert_downey_jr-iron_man_3-2



Morticia Addams should be played by: Rachel Weisz




Uncle Fester should be played by: Mike Myers





Wednesday Addams should be played by: Lina Leandersson



Pugsley Addams should be played by: Rico Rodriguez



Lurch should be played by: Rory McCann



Cousin It should be played by: Brad Pitt or any other big time actor.


brad pitt hair 07


Granny Addams should be played by: Cloris Leachman




Thing should be played by: James Franco’s hand, because he can add it to his long list of weird things he’s done.




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