The Top 3 Most Memorable Sex Scenes!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Dec 30th, 2013

Hi, Bryan Here….

American Beauty screen1

Here is our last podcast of the year and we are literally going out with a bang. We decided it would be fun to do the Top 3 or most memorable sex scenes from movies. This was tons of fun to see what everybody came up with. There were tons of laughs. Please enjoy the show and let us know what your favorite sex scenes from movies are.

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Movie Quotes

Steven Kovacs:
I have this friend and he gave his cable guy $50 and then he got all the movie channels for free. You ever hear of anything like that?
Chip Douglas:
[Walks slowly towards Steven] You mean illegal cable?
Steven Kovacs:
Um... Yeah.
Chip Douglas:
Who told you that? What is his name? I want it.
Steven Kovacs:
Just forget it.
Chip Douglas:
You're offering me a bribe. What you have just done is illegal and in this state, if convicted, you could be fined up to $5,000 or spend six months in a correction facility!
Steven Kovacs:
No, please, that was dumb. I was just making conversation. Forget it.
Chip Douglas:
[Bursts out laughing] I'm just jerking your chain! Ha ha ha. The look on your face! Ha ha, you are too easy!
[Laughs harder]
Chip Douglas:
Wake up, little snoozy. Smell the smelling salts? Ha ha ha. I'll juice ya up.
The Cable Guy (1996) The Movie Quotes