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There is good news and bad news to this. The good news is that AMC is releasing soundtracks for ‘The Walking Dead‘ and ‘Breaking Bad‘ on vinyl. The records will be picture discs and will be limited. This is amazing, as there have been some great scores and songs from both shows. Are you ready for the bad news?

Unfortunately, both soundtracks will only be sold at the store Hot Topic. Yes, that Hot Topic, where all the goth and hipster kids go. To tell you the truth, I didn’t know Hot Topic was around anymore. But I guess they are.

The record label is Spacelab9 and will be releasing the official score soundtracks to these shows. There will be a limited LP picture disc for each soundtrack and will be released November 26th, then again on December 3rd. The ‘Breaking Bad’ vinyl set will be 2 record picture discs and will have nearly one hour of original music composed by David Porter, including the Main Title Theme. I hope some of the actual songs from the show will be on here too, especially Knife Party’s ‘Bonfire and Windy by The Association. I’m still not sure on a track list, but if they are going by the score soundtrack, it will be all of Porter’s original score, which is amazing.


‘The Walking Dead’ soundtrack will feature tracks from composer Bear McCreary, including the Main Title Theme, as well as some other artists like  Jamie N. Commons, Voxhaul Broadcast, Baby Bee, Fink, Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene) & Emily Kinney (Beth Greene) as well as multiplatinum Icelandic artists Of Monsters and Men.

It looks like the record label SpaceLab9 is fairly new. Their website only has a homepage and a signup form for newsletters. It seems like they are taking their cues from places like Mondo and DeathWaltz in releasing movie and tv soundtracks. It seems cool, but hopefully they have their act together, because there are some rabid fans out there who don’t want to venture into Hot Topic to pick up vinyl, let alone anything else.

Hopefully, after a while, or maybe after the first of the year, the soundtracks will be available online, at least that’s what it looks like will happen. But, I’m just happy to get these soundtracks. And this ‘Walking Dead’ vinyl is labeled as Volume 1, so there will be more volumes I bet. I’m not too happy about the whole Hot Topic thing, but I guess it will have to do for now.



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